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The Hawaiʻi Kuauli Pacific & Asia Cultural Festival along with our sponsors are proud to present the

4th Annual Le Kaua Ailao World Fireknife Competition!

Watch the skill and mastery of our champion fireknife dancers as they battle to be named the

Le Kaua Ailao Champion!

Saturday, June 8, 2024

Doors Open at 5 pm

Program Begins at 5:30 pm

$35 Adults

$20 Keiki (5-12 years old)

Registration Now Open!

Early Registration: $80 (Price increase after May 11, 2024)
Registration: $150 (Closes on May 25, 2024)

Vaitaimi (Males Ages 11-17)

1st Place


A Specialty Single Fire Knife

2nd Place


A Specialty Single Fire Knife

3rd Place


A Specialty Single Fire Knife

Matua (Males Ages 18 +)

1st Place


A Specialty Single Fire Knife

2nd Place


A Specialty Single Fire Knife

3rd Place


A Specialty Single Fire Knife



Alex Galeai is a man of many talents. Following in the footsteps of his father, Pulefano Galeai, Alex started his fire knife career at a young age, performing at the Polynesian Cultural Center and all around the world. Aside from being a former World Fire Knife Champion, Alex has gone on to master many other cultural arts such as music, drumming, dance, and language. His skills have led him to compete in different arenas, winning awards in different Tahitian Heiva competitions, Maori kapahaka competitions, and more. He currently resides in Laie, Hawaii with his wife Shannon and three children, sharing his talents as a teacher and instructor at BYU-Hawaii, as well as being a show leader and creative director for Tihati Productions.



Born and raised in the cultured town of Laie, HI, TC grew up in the heart of Polynesian culture and entertainment on Oahu. As a long time performer and fire knife dancer for Tihati Productions, TC’s skills have seen numerous competition stages, as well as many stages around the world. He has since expanded his skills into being a production and operations manager, while honing his artistic talents in being an amazing tattoo artist, stage decor and props designer, as well as an extremely skilled woods worker and fire knife maker. He currently resides in Makawao, Maui with his beautiful family as an island manager for Tihati Productions.



Malo Jordan Mataʻu, better known as “MJ” or the “Speed Demon”, has been one to impress and wow the crowds fronting both show and competition stages all over the world. In his early years as a junior competitor, MJ racked up a number of titles at the World Fire Knife Championships in the intermediate divisions, eventually moving up to the senior division where he would win the title of 2nd Runner-Up in both 2014 and tie with Mikaele Oloa for 1st Runner Up 2013. Since then, he has turned his efforts towards serving his community both with and without fire knife dancing, leading the efforts of the Siva Afi Worldwide movement, as well as working with Borthwick Mortuary to care for those who have been called back to Heaven. Mj currently resides in Laie, Hawaii with his wife Lilla and the rest of his aiga.


Tua Moananu

2023 Vaitaimi Winner


Toa Milford

2022 Vaitaimi Winner

hikuauli festival_2021_alexandra rowe photo-328.jpg

Carmine Taetuna-Fautanu

2021 Vaitaimi Winner


VJ Tiumalu, Jr.

2023 Matua Winner


Matuni Vaioga

2022 Matua Winner

hikuauli festival_2021_alexandra rowe photo-384.jpg

Peleiholani Brown

2021 Matua Winner


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