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Siona Fruean

Siona Fruean is a born native of the beautiful islands of Samoa. He comes from a traditional family background that holds family values and history in a very prestigious way of honor and respect. Mr. Fruean is a talented and skillful artist that is innovative and a gifted individual who carries a passion for quality in music, creative art, and professional dancing.

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About My Designs

Wahine Holo Lio

This piece was gracefully inspired by its refined beauty, regality, elegance, poise, and strength. WAHINE HOLO LIO means “woman on horseback,” and is also a song for a woman born into Hawaiian royalty, Queen Emma. The pāʻū (“skirt”) tradition is a significant aspect of Hawaiian culture and reflects aspects of Hawaiian pride, female empowerment, color, flowers, and other cultural elements. Pāʻū is preserved by the dedication of the Hawaiian women who participate in pāʻū riding because of their love of Hawaiian culture, horses and the equine community. Hawaii’s Wahine Holo Lio: The Tradition and Beauty of Pāʻū celebrates and honors the story of pāʻū’s history, art, culture, and modern-day expression with words and beautiful color photographs that will continue to last for a lifetime.

Coral Reef

This piece was inspired from an underwater ecosystem characterized by reef-building corals that are formed by colonies of coral polyps held together by calcium carbonate. They are identified as animals (living organisms). They are the provider for habitation, feeding, spawning, medicine, and nursery grounds for 1 million aquatic species and a protector for vulnerable coastlines from erosion, flooding and storms. Most importantly provision and food for the people. In the mo’olelo of old oral story-telling of Kumulipo which Hawaiian’s referred to as the life giver creation story, it portrays the birthing of new life burst into being, liken as the coral life form or offspring that feeds, nurtures and thrives to bring delicate balance and order to marine life and to our people. This “ike” or knowledge has to be taught to bring awareness so we all can contribute into helping restore and saving our coral reefs. The survival of our planet depends on it.


Oriana Keparutis

Oriana Keparutis was born in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Her love for the creative arts started at the young age of 5 years old and has been a strong passion of hers to this day. After art school, she began doing projects with film, animation, concept art design, and fashion. Her first fashion show appearance was in 2019 at our very own Hawaii Kuauli fashion show.

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About My Design

Le Matagofie O Maima

My piece was made out of tapa from Samoa. I wanted to create something that is traditionally used in ceremonies and important events shown with a modern-day twist. My father gave me this tapa and I began to create. I recently got married and thought “What would my version of a tapa wedding dress look like?" When I asked my parents for the history of this tapa,  my father said it was used at their wedding. To my surprise, it was only fitting that I would create a modernized version of a tapa wedding dress. I call this “Le Matagofie O Maima” named after my beautiful mother.


Laukoa Fruean

Kanawailaukoa, is a mixed Polynesian born and raised on the island of Hawaii. Since he was a kid he’s been fascinated with creating things like toys, art, costumes, etc. He enjoys the process of creating something that is his own and giving it new life whether it be a piece of scrap clothes or something from nature. Laukoa takes pleasure in being able to come up with ideas and making them a reality or into a physical form.

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About My Design


The outfit that has been created in front of you is an inspiration from the Na’vi people of Pandora, specifically the Metkayina, a reef clan whose lives are connected to the sea. Laukoa wanted to create something that was special and not often seen on a regular basis, itʻs not your typical shirt and pants attire.


Napo Baravilala

Napolioni Baravilala hails from Australia with deep Polynesian and European heritage. This is Napo’s first time presenting at the Hawai’i Kuauli Festival. He is a costume creator and designer for Island Breeze around the world and he loves to spend his time creating and designing. He loves to promote culture through dance, language and songs creating the sounds of our kūpuna whilst using modern methods to produce the sound of his people.

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About My Design

Tsamsiyu Omaticaya

This piece was designed and inspired by the movie Avatar: The Way of Water with the intention to promote culture and the sustainability of our ‘Āina, Whenua, Vanua, Fanua (Land). Just like the Na’vi, to us Pacific Islanders our land is a very important part of our heritage and culture. Hence our goal is to protect and promote awareness of Mālama ‘Āina (Care for the Land). 


Much like the Na’vi of Pandora, I was inspired to use natural materials from the land and recycled clothing to make undergarments and other accessory items.


Kehau Alani

Kehau Alani is from the island of Keawe, and from the land division of Pāpā. Kehau was raised in Pāpā in rural South Kona. She is of Hawaiian descendant and rooted in her culture through hula, the language and love for the’āina. Her designs shows her journey through time as a Hawaiian and a woman connected to her culture and kupuna. She is inspired by nature, the ʻike of her kupuna and by the foundation of Aloha.

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About My Design

Kia'i Wahine

My inspiration for this design is my Mom and all the women figures in my life. I am so inspired by women's  Strength and their natural ability to be a protector of their children, family, land, and what they believe in, all while still being graceful, caring, loving, and smart. I was also inspired by Herb Kaneʻs painting that depicted the Hawaiian women warriors who fought alongside their men in war. This painting drew me in and I needed to learn more. I learned that this particular warrior was named Manono and she earned her warrior status at age 40 by participating in competitions under the disguise of a man. Her fearlessness and courage inspire me and reminds me of how strong women are and that we can do anything if we continue to strive for the highest. Women are such amazing protectors and I am in awe of their mana. 

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Shaile Wong

Shaile Kahelelani Wong, is a graduate of Ke Kula o ‘Ehunuikaimalino a graduate of Palamanui in Hawaiian 101, she lives here in Kona, Hawaii in the district of Kealakehei. Shaile is an artist drawing character designs and concepts. She aspires to be the best that she can be. She is super kind and wise beyond her age, generously sharing her ike, her wisdom, with others. She enjoys making coffee, is an artist, and is a true daydreamer.

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About My Design

Kēia Ao

My dress was inspired by my love for the imagination, storytelling, being a child, and feeling like a princess. It is also inspired by Cinderella, my favorite Disney princess. It is made with newspaper and 200 yards of tulle, 40 yards of white, 80 yards of Ivory and 80 yards of dark blue. It represents transformation. Some of you might be wondering “What does this have to do with Hawaii?” Well I used nupepa Hawaii (Hawaiian Newspaper) to remember the past and to show the ‘Olelo Hawaii, our beautiful language that was spoken then and now. The passion of our past that is recorded for us to see is a foundation to learn from; so that we can learn to speak ‘Olelo Hawaii, and learn from the way they communicate with each other, the stories they told, the songs they sang and danced to, just the beauty of it all.  The one thing I know for sure is that our foundations will always be there for the next generations forming something beautiful for everyone to see. 

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Casey Arashiro

Has been with Bikinbird since the opening of our Kailua Flagship in 2017. Originally from the island of Kaua’i, Casey found her love for fashion in highschool working at the local surf shop. Following that calling she then attended F.I.D.M (The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) graduating with a degree in Merchandise Marketing and Entrepreneurship. After graduation she found a career path with Tiana Gamble (founder of Bikinibird) on Oahu, Hawaii. Assisting in numerous store openings and hosting events with Bikinibird throughout the years, Casey has expanded her knowledge on the in’s and outs of the bikini/fashion industry. Aside from being in the shop, Casey is also the Sales Representative for Benoa Swim, a local Hawaii based swimwear line. A dream came true to be able to be the coconut girl in a high fashioned world, but all at home in Hawai’i. She’s excited to bring some edge and spice to the creative/fashion scene here on the Big Island.

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